Handleless Kitchens

Our handleless kitchens ranges include true handleless kitchens and J Pull Handleless Kitchens to create than stunning modern look.

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Handleless Kitchens come in two main forms; true handlelessand J Pull.  True handleless utilises a rail profile which is fixed to the cabinet; this recessed rail profile allows your hand to access the door or drawer and open it accordingly.  A J Pull handleless kitchen means that the door has a groove built into it, allowing you to open the door using this groove.  Houzz has a great article on the pros and cons of handleless kitchens, along with the different handleless kitchen types.

Our true handleless ranges include Alpina, Porter, Tomba, Ellerton and Unity. These ranges come with either a recessed rail profile or a flush fail system.  The recessed rail profile comes in a variety of finishes including Aluminium, Matt White, Matt Graphite, Brushed Brass and Brushed Copper.  We also offer matching metallic plinths.  The flush rail system comes in painted timber finishes.  Most German kitchens and higher quality handleless kitchens use recessed rail profiles to create the handleless system so this is generally considered a more premium product. 

J Pull Handleless Kitchens do not use a rail profile; instead the handleless is integrated into the kitchen door allowing you to open it.  Our J Pull handleless kitchen ranges include Remo and Stanhope Acomb and these create a stunning handleless kitchen at a more affordable price point.

We find handleless kitchens a great option for most looking to create a contemporary kitchen space; the options are vast even within the handleless kitchen bracket so it might be worth speaking to us to get some more insight into the best way to plan your new kitchen.  Some of our handleless kitchen ranges can be seen below; with different options for all budgets and styles.