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Kitchen Design – Traditional Kitchen Design Hunton

Kitchen design can be a difficult process; the designer must understand the brief from the client and share in their vision to create a stunning kitchen space, all the while sticking within the client's budget.  To give you an insight into our design process and the kinds of visuals we can create, we though we would share them here.

In order to provide our customers with an accurate representation of what their finalised kitchen may look like, our kitchen designers use a range of tools and software to create realistic plans and images, or renders, as they are better known. This allows us to discuss each element of the kitchen with the client and customise it as they would like.

The Design Process:
  1. Initial Brief with Client
  2. Visit to our showroom
  3. Initial Design & Quotation
  4. Client Feedback
  5. Amended Design
  6. Final feedback and specification decisions
  7. Sign Off & Order
Kitchen Design

Working with this customer, the initial brief included the following points, as well as many other smaller details which I will not share, some of them are fairly personal - after all, the aim of the brief is to create a personalised kitchen design, suitable for you and your space.

Initial Brief Main Points
  • Utilising the straight wall for the majority of the kitchen, which was to incorporate the sink and cooker.
  • Keeping the opposite wall clear of units/obstructions.
  • Incorporating an island with seating in order to create a sociable space for drinks.
  • Taking advantage of an existing Fisher and Paykel fridge freezer; which was new
  • Traditional styling with shaker kitchen door and solid worksurfaces
Kitchen Design London

After this brief, we then showed the client round our Southern Design Centre, in Slough, in order for them to see the different types of kitchen shaker ranges that we offer.

In our lay on kitchen ranges we have two smooth shaker doors, Hunton and Fitzroy, and a number of grained finished shaker doors, including Milbourne, Mornington and Broadoak. The customer instantly knew that the smooth shaker was preferred over the grained so we knew either the Hunton or the Fitzroy range would be their choice.  The Hunton features a slimmer, more contemporary rail design which is ultimately why the customer picked this over the more traditional Fitzroy range which has slightly larger rails.  The colour they opted for was Charcoal; a stunning dark colour that has a hint of blue coming through and when incorporated wth brass or copper handles works great.

I think you'll agree, the end results of our design were stunning and I look forward to sharing the end result.

Stay tuned for images of the real kitchen in January 2020!

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