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Modern kitchens or contemporary kitchens come in many styles and colours. Browse our modern kitchen collections for some inspiration.

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Our modern kitchen ranges feature a number of handleless kitchens and handled kitchens. As modern handleless kitchens are increasingly popular to create sleek, minimalist styling we have expanded these ranges to include more options for both J Pull handleless kitchens and true handleless kitchens (rail profile). Our J Pull kitchens include the Remo and Lichfield. These modern kitchens feature a J Pull system so the handleless is integrated into the door; it is a simple and cost effective way to give a sleek, handleless kitchen.

Our other modern kitchen ranges can be used as part of a true handleless rail kitchen or a slab door with handles. These options include the Tomba, Porter, Alpina, Unity and Mode modern kitchen collections. The Tomba is a 22mm thick, MDF lacquered, reverse chamfered door for use with a true handleless rail profile. Extremely popular and available in our full 32 colour palette. The Porter is an 18mm thick, lacquered slab door; extremely versitile it is a favourite used with handleless rail profile as well as different handled options. The Unity modern kitchen range is an 18mm thick, made to measure, acrylic door available in matt, gloss and metallic finishes. Due to is customised sizing option it can be used to create completely bespoke furniture with either true handleless rails or as a slab door on push fit systems or with handles. Finally, the modern Mode range is a cost effective 18mm ABS edged door again used in handleless or handled options, it is perfect for those on tigher budgets, contracts or utility room settings.

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