Kitchen Trends 2019 – Kitchen Ideas

What are the latest kitchen trends for 2019? Perhaps you're looking for some inspiration for your new kitchen? We've handpicked our top 5 kitchen ideas for this year.

1. Mixing Textures & Materials

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is the mixture of textures and materials within the kitchen space. Whether that involves both a smooth painted door and a rough, textured or timber door the combination of these different textures is on point.

2. Mixing Colours or Kitchen Ranges

Another popular trend for kitchens in 2019 is mixing colours; so for example, doing an island in a different colour, or a row of wall units in something different (or alternatively, choosing a completely different door style or kitchen range for these other elements).

3. Ultra Compact Worksurfaces

Although still relatively unknown; ultra compact worksurfaces are beginning to take hold in consumers minds.  The top two brands we recommend are Neolith and Dekton (part of Cosentino).  Ultra compact worksurfaces are available in thin format, so you can have a worksurface 12.5mm thick, or alternatively you can use mitre joints to create the look of a 60 or 80mm thick worktop.

The big benefit of ultra compact worksurfaces is their durability; they can withstand heat and scratches and require little to no maintenance. 

4. Smart Appliances (especially Coffee Machines & Hot Taps)

Smart appliances are a key component for a lot of our kitchens; having the ability to utilise smart technology to communication with your appliances can be helpful.  We are also finding that a lot more customers are wanting built in coffee machines and hot (or boiling water) taps.

5. Pantry / Larder or Storage Solutions

People want storage; the options tend to be a larder or pantry unit, or the utilisation of storage solutions which can turn unusable space into your go to areas.

Generally if the space permits we will try to incorporate a double door larder unit into all of our traditional kitchen designs; customised to work for you.  This might be a simple, yet effective fully shelved unit, or it could mean a complete gin bar to prepare your favourite G&Ts, as featured in the image to the right.

Alternatively, our modern kitchen designs tend to incorporate a full height unit with a pull out larder, or space box arrangement of drawers to maximise that space. 


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