Inframe Kitchens

Mead Crescent, Sutton

Michael ££££, 1, Traditional

Mead Crescent, SM1

Kitchen Style: Traditional

Kitchen Range:

Kitchen Colour:
Dust Grey

Door Type:

Cabinet Finish:
Natural Pacific Walnut

Worksurface Material:

Worksurface Finish:
Marbled White

: Blanco Belfast Sink


The Project

This client came to me with the idea of an in-frame kitchen in mind. They had seen the beautiful 1909 range and didn’t want to consider any other range. After an initial consultation and discussing their needs – we came to their budget. Although they had a descent budget – it wouldn’t stretch to afford the 1909 range. I showed them an alternative – the Clarendon. This range is designed to look and feel like the 1909 range – however by changing the material from Alder wood to Ash timber we have managed to bring the whole project in on budget without compromising their vision.

They had also picked out a specific flooring which they wanted to match with the cabinets. Our cabinet maker has a large selection of cabinet finishes and so we were able to get a near on exact match. Often overlooked by clients – the cabinet finish is a very subtle touch that can turn a standard kitchen in to a premium kitchen – and with over 50 options – we are confident to find the perfect match for anyone.

Lastly – the worktop – 20mm marbled quartz gives a lovely contrast to the wood and dust grey doors. We also cladded the window sill and the splashback in the same material for continuity.